Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Gubbeen

Last week I had to say my goodbyes to the Fergusons and Gubbeen Cheese, and begin my trip to London. I spent Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week in London. Thursday and Friday I spent at Neal's Yard, one of the world's top cheese shops, working in the Arches. The Arches is where they receive and take care of all the cheese that Neal's Yard sells. They have four aging rooms for soft ripened and mold ripened cheese and one large room for aging hard cheeses. I was also able to get a tour of their shop located in the Borough Market. When I wasn't at Neal's Yard, I was out exploring the city. I was able to see many of the London sites, including: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and the Globe. This week I will take the train to Quickes Cheddar located in South Western England. Another adventure!


Anonymous said...


Can you tell us if most cheese in ireland and Europe are made as raw milk cheese? or is it all pastuerized milk,

cheese hound

Anonymous said...

Mister Metzig,

i'm not sure if you like a good ripe cheese or not- maybe you are to young.

Either way have you found anything that can compare with a good WI limburger?

from Limburger lover

Jonathan said...

Cheese Hound,
It’s hard to say, I’ve notice a slight more pasteurize cheese than raw milk cheeses.

Limburger lover,
I have not found any cheese that’s compares to a Limburger yet in my travels.

Jeska said...


Lucky you for not only having the chance to visit but also to work at Neal's Yard! I only recently purchased cheeses that were aged there- I found them at Cowgirl Creamery in Petaluma, California. Which of the cheeses you tried were your favorites? Was there anything unique about their aging rooms?

London hotels said...

I should read your stuff more frequently. A cheese trip to England, why not? (even if paris is quite more "cheesy") I'm going to book my flight and save some room in my stomach :)

Back Bay Hotel in Boston said...

Fabulous, this is always a ultimate visit for any cheese lover. One would see variety of cheese that even one might would have never thought about it.