Monday, May 11, 2009

Visiting Switzerland and Germany

When I was in Switzerland last week, I was able to tour a couple Appenzeller factories and a large affinage facility where they mature Appenzeller and other Swiss type cheeses. When I wasn't touring cheese factories, I was out in the Alps and visiting local villages and cities. After my stay in Switzerland, I made my way up to Germany were I met up with one of my old roommates, Daniel, who is from Germany. We drove to the city of Zittau, located in Eastern Germany near the border of the Poland and the Czech Republic. My family immigrated from the Zittau area.  After spending two days in Eastern Germany, we drove back to his house in Bocholt, near the boarder of Holland. I spent a day there touring some farms and sightseeing. From there, I took the train to Bolvarie to do some sightseeing and visit a friend of mine. I only have  few days left of this amazing trip until I need to fly back home.


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What a wonderful experience in the alps and seeing those bulk of swiss cheese. Now I have the reason to go there because a while back I've been thinking what to see in Switzerland. Thanks for sharing this experience to us. Good Job.

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