Monday, March 30, 2009

Curing and Washing Cheese at Gubbeen

This last week went by faster then the others. We made cheese four days this week at Gubbeen. I was able to spent some more time with Rose, head cheese maker, learning when the cheese is ready to be molded. When I wasn't helping with cheese making I was helping with curing and washing the cheese, which creates the rind of the cheese. As the cheese matures we do different steps to help with the rind growth. I was also able to experiment with two small batches of cheese this week - pictured above. I was very happy with my results. Let's hope they taste good!

On Saturday and Sunday I was able to get out and go for a bike ride through the hilly country side of West Cork. I am getting ready for another week of cheese making and hopefully some side trips to another cheese factory.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

Interesting trip you are having. YOu talk about washing the cheese- how do you do that- what kind of solution is in the water?

Also, can you tell me a little bit about the background of Rose the cheese maker at Gubbeen?

Limburger lover

Jonathan said...

Limburger lover,
Rose has been making cheese for over nine years at Gubbeen. She is incharge of cheese making and the brines.
When we cure the cheese we wash them with a solution of salt water and surface ripen bacteria, similar to limburger.